We’re going to the chapel and we’re going to get married…

If you are anything like me, planning a wedding is stressful. I started to put together my guest list and after two hours of going through both our family trees and Facebook pages, I shut my computer and started to think about what was the most important thing to me about my wedding. After a short conversation and a couple of phone calls later, my husband and I decided to just ask our immediate family to attend and a few great friends. With some good luck, my husband and I got married a month later in the beautiful Black Hills right on a trailhead – with no rain!

I thought my husband and I were rare and one of the only couples that planned something like that, but I was wrong. Earlier this year, I went to lunch with a new friend and she told me she did the same thing but in Custer. Now, on every anniversary they go back and visit Custer. They plan a weekend with their kids every year and they say it gets better every time they go.

Custer has everything that you need for a wedding. Just some of the great places to host them are – The Kleemann House, Custer State Park, on the lake at Sylvan Lake and The Homestead at Prairie Berry that is located about 10 to 15 minutes outside of town. These venues are breathtaking and we can guarantee that your guests will not be disappointed.

Custer has plenty of places to stay for your guests. There are bungalows, hotels, cabins, teepees and try GLAMPING! There are so many options that you know that every guest will have a place to stay that fits all their needs. Plus, there are so many amazing activities for them to do on this wedding trip that they may want to come out a couple of days early. They can “Go Wild” on a Jeep Safari through Custer State Park, go rock climbing by Mount Rushmore or the Needles Highway, go kayaking and swimming at Sylvan Lake, or just relax and enjoy the amazing views.

Do you also need flowers, a caterer, a photographer? There are so many fabulous options in the Black Hills for these things. With your venue, there are some amazing food choices. You can’t go wrong with anything! Flowers – Call Jenny’s Foral or the other local flower shops and they can get you anything you want! No matter who your photographer is, you are going to have a hard time picking out your favorite photo to hang in that perfect spot in your home. The background will be stunning and don’t let your photographer leave before they get that amazing sunset photo.

Some other fun things to think about when planning your big day are the bachelor and bachelorette party! Want to get a nice tan, drink some wine and relax with the girlfriends? Want to hit some golf balls, go on an awesome UTV ride and have some great beer? There are so many fantastic options that you will want to have a weekend party instead of just one day.

Finally, one last thing! If you are not even engaged yet and are trying to think of the most romantic way to do it. Check out Black Hills Balloons. You and your special someone will not be disappointed!

To check out the hotels, great places to eat and fun things to do in and around Custer. Visit – www.visitcuster.com.

We hope that we get to enjoy your special day with you!

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